Eyelash Extensions

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Eyelash Extensions

Do you want perfectly curled lashes already in the morning after getting up and without mascara? Natural or dramatic look, there is something for everyone. Eyelash extension for every woman who has no time and desire to mascara her eyelashes every day.

Eyelash by eyelashes are attached to your natural lashes with a (skin-friendly) special adhesive artificial eyelashes. The fake eyelashes are black and very elastic. You can choose between different lengths, thicknesses and curvatures.

For the so-called "first treatment" you should allow one to two hours. Later only single eyelashes will be filled.

How are eyelash sizes differentiated?
There are 3 different sizes.
1. Length: Artificial lashes are usually available in the lengths 6-15 mm
2. Curl: That's the swing. There are A, B and C curl lashes. But A is barely curled and C is strongly curled.
3. Thickness: often the thicknesses 0.15mm and 0.20mm are used for mascara look, natural look 0.10mm, 2D look and 3D look 0.10-0.07mm, 3D look 0.10-0.05mm, Russian volume 0.05mm and Mega volume with 0.03mm.

4. Three shapes for different eye types:
• Cat Look (the longest length is at the edge of the eye)
• Dolls look (the longest length is in the middle of the eye)
• Everything in one length

Often the aim is to lengthen the lashes. Therefore, one often only speaks of eyelash extension, but also means a simultaneous eyelash thickening.

up to 4 weeks, depends on the care, skin and thickness of your own eyelashes.

What has to be considered after the treatment of the eyelash extension?

Swimming, sauna, sports?
This is no problem, but avoid contact with water within the first 48 hours.
Avoid visiting the sauna in the first 48 hours
Do not use cleaning agents containing oil.
Avoid excessive rubbing of the eyes to avoid damaging the extensions, avoid plucking and playing with the lashes. Do not use an eyelash curler.

Important: Come without make-up before the treatment! Do not use mascara after the treatment.

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