Eyelash Lifting

Curly eyelashes without mascara is possible with eyelash lift.

Longer and more beautiful looking eyelashes without extensions - the solution: The Original Eyelash Lift. Eyelash curler and mascara early in the morning are a thing of the past. The eyelash lifting treatment is time consuming, but very effective and - for the scaredy-cats among you - painless. The treatment is included with or without tinting the eyelashes. After only 40 to 60 minutes of treatment, your eyelashes will look much longer, more striking & attractive - and this effect lasts up to 8 weeks! Afterwards it can be repeated as desired.

Eyelash Lifting

With this method, your natural lashes are curled upwards, creating a very natural look that lasts for several weeks. The eyelash lift is a beauty application that convinces with immediate treatment results, because the fantastic results are immediately visible.

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During an eyelash lift, the eyelash hairs are directed upwards with the help of a silicone cushion and several substances, which makes them look longer. In contrast to the eyelash curl - where hairs are twisted around a roll of cotton wool, the hairs are not curled but lifted directly at the base - this makes them almost twice as long in comparison.