Lash Lifting Schooling

The Lash Lifting

is an alternative to eyelash extension and a further development compared to the eyelash curl. With this eyelash lift, specially shaped silicone cushions are used to achieve a particularly beautiful curl of the lashes. The application of the silicone cushions and the sequence of the different treatment gels will be taught to you precisely in this half-day course Lash Lifting. For your customers it is a pleasant and relatively short treatment and for you as a provider a lucrative extra income.

Brows Lifting

Eyebrow lifting has nothing to do with surgery, we fix natural hairs on top of the eyebrows, so we get a thicker and wider effect of the eyebrows.

Description Hours Price Certificate
Lashes Lifting approx. 2,5 240,00 € yes
Brows Lifting approx. 2,5 240,00 € yes
Lashes & Brows Lifting approx. 3 295,00 € yes
Perfektion Training  approx. 2 150,00 ja


Structure of the course Lash Lifting

  • Welcome
  • Theory
  • Exercise unit
  • Checking the course content
  • Handover of the certificate
  • Farewell

During the training session the participants work on a model and do the actual lifting of eyelashes/eyebrows.

Appointments by prior arrangement

Number of participants small groups max.4 persons

If you are interested, please send us an e-mail and ask for a registration form or come and visit us and register in person in our shop.

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