Micronnedling Seminars

Microneedling & BB Glow Tutorial

The BB-Glow treatment is a light foundation, which is worked into the skin using nano-needling. The reflecting pigments make every skin shine and cover the skin like a soft touch. The glow effect is therefore pre-programmed. Suitable for women and men.

Achieve radiant and super moisturized skin with a pore-free appearance in just 3-5 treatment sessions that can last up to 1 year.

Description Hours Price Certificate
Microneedling Course 3 € 295,- yes
BB Glow Course 3 € 295,- yes
Microneedling & BB Glow Course 4 € 395,- yes

Treatment Effects:

  • Brightening of eye shadows
  • Reduction of skin discolorations such as pigmentation marks or age spots
  • Lightening of acne scars
  • Soft blur for the skin
  • pore-refining
  • Reduction of dryness wrinkles
  • even glow complexion

The theoretical part:

  • Anamnesis sheet
  • Treatment indicators
  • Handling the Needling Pen
  • Preparation and aftercare of the skin
  • Treatment Plan

Practical Training:

  • The treatment on models
  • Certificate Handover

Appointments by prior arrangement ( weekend )
10-14 h or 2-18 h

Number of participants in small groups of up to 4 persons