Permanent Hair Removal


This is now possible for you with Innovative SHR Device from the German manufacturer SHR Germany.

SHR - Follow-up of IPL

Due to a large number of flashes, the hair roots are brought to the necessary temperature to desert. Under certain circumstances, the upper layer of skin is cooled by the device or by a gel, so that SHR hair removal is even more gentle than IPL hair removal.


Haarentfernung-TinaArt-Berlin Process of removing hair from legs. DAUERHAFTE HAARENTFÄRNUNG IN BERLIN BEI TINA ART

Treatment time : 10-60 min (depending on the body part).
Interval: 4-6 weeks
Up to 20 % of the hair is removed per session - PAIN-FREE.

New research results have shown that even lighter hairs can be removed. It is not possible to remove white hair, but it is difficult to remove grey or light blonde hair because these hairs have no or very little colour pigments. Studies have shown that a reduction of these hairs can be achieved. However, to achieve the same results as with dark hair, many more treatments are necessary. A complete hair freedom depends essentially on the hair-skin type of the person. Best results are achieved with dark hair and light skin colour (well over 90% of hairs can be removed).

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Our Prices:

Upper Lip 20 €
Cheek 20 €
Chin 20 €
Face 45 €
Beard 35 €
Jaw Neck 25 €
Neck 30 €
Armpits 29 €
Shoulders 45 €
Forearms 39 €
Upper arms 39 €
Arms Complete 65 €
Chest 50 €
Tummy 50 €
Bikini 35 €
Pubic Hair 35 €
Bikini & Pubic Hair 60 €
Lower Leg 80 €
Thigh 80 €
Legs Complete 130 €
Back 90 €
Whole Body 270 €