Permanent Make-up Seminars

TinaArt Berlin
Valentina Demir

In this training you lay the foundation for a successful permanent make-up
Artist and learn specific knowledge in the field of pigmentation.
Increase your income through the lucrative treatment options that
world of permanent make-up opened.
Profit from a comprehensive and intensive training by experienced and
competent pigmenters at the highest level. Learn fundamental product and
Colour knowledge as well as various permanent make-up techniques.
Work with the latest technology and according to the latest findings with pigmentation equipment using the safe hygiene modules.
Active support during and after your training!

Description Fees Certificate
Permanent Make-up Basic Training 1195,- € yes
Training for perfection 595,- € yes
Powder Brows 595,- € yes
Hair Technique 595,- € yes


1. Day:

  • Content of the lessons Theory:
  • Dermatology/physiology of the skin
  • Hygiene measures at the client and in your institute, according to the legal regulations
  • Health and safety at work
  • Contraindications
  • Product and material knowledge
  • Principles of visagistics
  •  produce preliminary designs
  • Presentation of different pigmentation techniques
  • Discussion of various treatment procedures
  • Client advice and care guidelines
  • Analysis of the competitors and marketing strategies


2. Day:

  • Work on the model under expert guidance:
  • Own, professionally equipped treatment area
  • Up to three models per day
  • Freely selectable colours in mono cans and hygiene modules from the Perma-Line product line
  • Lip pigmentation
  • Contour
  • Shading
  •  Shape and color correction
  •  Lip Light
  • Eyebrow pigmentation
  • Hairline sketching
  • Single and full shading
  • Eye pigmentation
  • Lash line enhancement
  •  Eyelid line / Eyeliner

Appointments by prior arrangement
Number of participants in small groups of max. 4 persons

If you are interested, send us an e-mail and request a registration form or come and see us in and register in our shop.

Short term appointments possible