Permanent Makeup for a perfect Beauty Feeling

Wouldn’t you like to start the day with a perfect makeup without standing in front of the mirror for hours? OK… now you have found your Personal Permanent Makeup Expert. 

Eyebrows – Microblading

Augenbrauen - Microblading TinaArt Berlin

What is Microblading

Microblading is a method in which the pigmentation takes place under the upper skin layer, between the epidermis and the dermis, the color is applied with the help of a sterile (for single use) Microblade cutter, consisting of surgical stainless steel.
The finest hairs are drawn with a high degree of precision and calm hand guidance, which can hardly be distinguished from real hairs. No smearing of the eyebrows or repeated application during the day.

How long does it last?

The durability of microblading depends on the skin type. In general, the filled eyebrows have a life span of one and a half to two years. »more

Permanent Makeup

Who would not like to have full lips with a youthful healthy blush? After a lip treatment in our TinaArt Studio you will never have to worry about smeared lipstick again. Do you want a beautiful lip contour? This is now possible!

The Advantages

Permanent makeup doesn’t run and smudge. It stays perfectly in place 24 hours a day, no matter if you just wake up, after dancing all night long or after 3 hours of sports… gorgeous lips always.

• With this tattoo technique one bleeds hardly and is therefore very fast after the procedure and “presentable” again.
• Needle piercing stimulates micro-circulation and therefore stimulates cell activity: wrinkles are reduced (especially around the mouth).



Full, Youthful Lips

TinaArt Berlin Permanent Make-Up - volle Lippen

Eyelash extensions – The big secret of lots of women

Eyelash extension improves the natural appearance of the eye
and gives youth and glamour.  »Learn More


Plasma-Lifting Lidstraffung ohne OP TinaArt Berlin

Plasma-Lifting Eyelid Firming without Surgery

Upper eyelid correction is one of the most frequently performed aesthetic corrections in both men and women. Fibroblast is an innovative technology that allows upper and lower eyelid lifting without a scalpel.

Advantages of this Treatment

Without anesthesia, without incision, without surgery, without scars, without threads or pulling threads.

» Learn More


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